Saturday, February 2, 2008


I'm in a bit of a twitter at the moment... several grand events are drawing to a head, and drat it all if I'm not allowed to spill the beans until later on in the coming week!

A few wee hints and them I'm off to soak in a hot bath and indulge in a quick maniacal giggle or two as I contemplate upcoming events.

1) The mad experiment in discerning how far one can go in the realm of self-sufficiency is about to begin... arrivals of great import are in the near offing. Granted, these items have the Prime Geek shaking his head over my supreme slide into nerdiness.

2) We seem to be in need of passports. Rather pressing need in fact... as well as a conclusion that has me facing the terrifying prospect of requiring a bikini. (As well as the body to wear one!)

Any more and I'll burst out with all the news at once (There's a reason family members get their Christmas presents staged out over the whole year... I can't keep goodies quiet, I always have to share it at once.)

'Scuse me, I'm off to go whisper it into the cats ears in the hope it will ease the desire to bounce!

No. I'm not. We're not. Not for at least another year or two. Honestly... would I be contemplating both a bikini and a bassinet at the same time? Now way... not until the hollywood types give up their sources of stunt bodies to take the brunt of the stretch marks!

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Mark said...

Ok, I won't ask for a photo of you in the bikini, but I will ask for a post showing your passport photo. Hopefully yours will be better than mine. :)