Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Feel I Should Complain....

I distinctly remember being told in the 4th grade that water only freezes at 32 degrees. Point of fact, I also recall having to write that little immutable fact of life onto a chalkboard 20 times as I had apparently been talking to a friend while the teacher was explaining water only freezes at 32 degrees.... and not a jot above.

Will someone please call my science teacher and ask him to drop me a line? I have a small bone to pick with him.

The four temperature gauges in the Nerdly Nest all report conclusively (and the weather channel agrees) that it is 34-36 degrees outside.

So how the Hades do I have THIS out my window:

5 inches and still growing.

I feel owed a retroactive gold star.

Someone please tell me spring is on the way? I'll be spending my afternoon planting seed trays in an attempt to remind myself that I won't be stuck in this frigid hell for much longer.

And if anyone see Mr. Miller? Give him a smack for me, would you?


oonagh said...

quoth the drogo "it's cause you live in ohio....."

good luck on the wishing for spring.....it's cold and raining here, supposed to snow tonight......so i'm expecting it all to freeze!!
hugs hon, cheer up, soon enough it'll be summer and we'll all be melting and complaining it's too hot........

and btw, ana says she likes your kitty......

Mark said...

Well you figure at ground level it's 34-36 degrees, at several thousand feet up it's anywhere from 20-50 degrees colder. :)

Anonymous said...

I think air pressure can slightly change freezing points.

It takes time for heat to transfer to ice, so it won't melt for a while.

Or maybe it's radiant building warmth and those thermometers pick that up.