Saturday, February 9, 2008


After posting for about six months I had thought I had successfully dodged a particular little oddity running around the internet. The sporadic outbreaks of meme's (essentially virtual games of tag) however, has finally caught up to my corner of the web and I've been tagged. Not really what I was planning to do this evening... but the Prime Geek and myself are currently sitting in the center of a vicious weather system that has him trying to sleep off a migraine in the corner while I just hope for the Excedrin to kick in.

That being said... might as well burn through one blog post by answering the meme.

Let's see.

1) The rules for this meme are:
2) Link to the person that tagged you.
3) Post the rules on your blog.
4) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
5) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
6) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

So – the lady who started this whole weirdness for me is Chile over at . Do yourself a favor and check this lady out. I only found her a few weeks ago, and really am loving what I'm reading. The Prime Geek and myself aren't about to become vegetarians*... but the way she presents her material is both entertaining and intriguing. Her site has definitely become part of my morning reading ritual over my morning mug of tea.

The rules are posted... guess its time for the six non-important things (so much easier to think of it all she had asked for was 6 improbable things, but I'll work with the rules this time.) about this nerd.

1- I'm mildly colorblind. Not the dangerous at stop lights red/green kind, but I have a heck of a time differentiating between two shades. No big deal, but a pain in the butt when I am trying to match my socks. (This is one of the reason why I almost always wear mismatched socks.

2 - I hate the texture of onions. Love the taste... hate the mouth feel. I almost always have to grate onions to cook with them to compensate for this.

3 – I have based the adoption of every pet I have had on one feature. Ears.

4 – I've dislocated my shoulders so many times I can pop them in and out with little or no effort.

5 – After seven read-thru's, I still think Moby Dick is just a good adventure story about a whale.

6 – I don't care about the hype... I honestly can't tell the difference between cheap “jug-o-wine” and the supposedly good stuff.

That was far harder then I would ever have guessed.

Now... who to pick on?

First, wander on over to , Erica has a great site I check often.
Another on that gets checked daily is
I might get blasted by her ire... but hey, Proff... you're it -
Just found her a few weeks ago and love her stuff so : is worth to just drool over her recipes and finally - . Technically a podcast, but as they kept me sane this week while knitting. Check them out!

Okay... 6 things, 6 people bothered. Off for more migraine meds.

* Short explanation for why no argument will sway me. My body is weird, it starts shutting down without meat based protein. Ive had rude questions regarding my families marital relations with cats. Just doesn't work, so not gonna happen.


Chile said...

Thanks, Jenna. And don't worry; I won't tag you again as I'm swearing off memes. Too much like chain mail, even if I do enjoy learning about other folks. I'd rather just read what *they* want to write about!

That's interesting about the onions. Never heard of that one. And funny about the pet ears. You'd probably get a kick out of our dog's ears. They are upright but bend at the tip. When she goes for her walk, the tips flap. Keeps us amused.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather amusing that you used the word "your", rather than the contraction "you're" in passing the meme on to the Cranky Professor.

Jenna said...

Just as well... I find it amusing a person has to hide behind an anonymous comment snarking over grammar structure in a blog that is prefaced with the statement it was a time burner to deal with a migraine.

Amazing the time folks have to waste... and the lack of spine they show in the snark.

I indulge in the odd moments of grammar nazi behavior as much as the next gal. But I sign my name.

Jenna said...

I do believe I get cranky when the weather gives me a headache.

CrankyProf said...

In general, the internet is the world's best tool to effect assmillinery and douchebaggery.

Both are always cloaked in anonymity.

Alison said...

Thanks for the tag. I'm thinking about what I might have to offer on this one. FYI, I'm not color blind, but I once looked down during a meeting to discover I was wearing two completely different shoes. They were both black, but that's about what they had in common!

sher said...

Yes, it is rather hard doing a meme. And I think you deserve the Herman Melville Badge Of Honor for reading Moby Dick that many times! Hear, hear.

Your kitty is adorable--and GREAT ears! :)