Friday, February 8, 2008

End of the Pink Monster

The Prime Geek is off with a friend doing his home heating duties (in other words, the poor lad is chopping/stacking/loading/unloading a metric butt ton of wood tonight) so I have the nest all to myself for the evening.

Did I spend it soaking in a bubble bath?
Perhaps watching a couple of chick flicks with a delivered pizza and a bottle of girly beer?
Manicure? Pedicure? A good book?

Nope. The bath comes later, I'm more likely to watch an action flick then Steel Magnolias, no pizza (although the beer sounds tasty right about now... I may look into that for tomorrow), my nails are so far gone its not worth trying to salvage them, and frankly... I haven't sat and read for over a week. (Will be rectified with the bath later on.)


The pink monster is now finished. Well. Knitted. 17+ hours of relentless knitting - including a terrible bout of unraveling and reknitting after Trouble #2 & #3 grabbed it during a catfight, but we won't go into that now because I have to eat something before I can start drinking tequila.

Tomorrow, the blocking, seaming, and finishing... and I can resume my nerdly life (yes... green updates at last on the 'morrow.)

While I can't feel my wrists, I've been stuck in one place for three days, and I have begun to loathe pink to an unnatural length - I learned how to make a sweater, listened to some amazing podcasts (if you knit, get thee to Lime & Violet's place at posthaste!), AND begun a new project the Prime Geek and myself are settling into. Gotta keep the marriage interesting, now don't we?

Later. Gonna go find A) food B) alchohol and C) a VERY hot tub of water.

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

He's using an axe and not an electric chain saw?

Hmm, I wish someone made a guillotine for chopping wood...

Chile said...

Is a meme too nerdy? Or not nerdy enough? Play if you want; ignore if you want. ;-)