Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Addendum to a Complaint -


While I understand that several people's comments were meant as tongue and cheek as my own post yesterday... the fact that several readers decided I was serious over my confusion and consternation regarding the ambient temperature and the falling snow and took it upon themselves to write private emails outlining my educational deficiencies forces me to readdress yesterdays post. I would have left it and just moved on, but three emails* decided to take me to task and inform me that I am not as as smart as I think I am, and am in fact, quite the idiot.

In case I have failed to make something clear... I, am a smartass. Sarcasm and the love of wordplay have throughout the course of my life gotten me into more trouble then any other deviant behavior I may exhibit. Granted, this particular predilection also gained me a husband... but far more often I get myself in trouble because the folks I am speaking to don't quite catch the tongue-in-cheek nature I use to express myself.

So to clarify... yes. I understand how it can snow and be 34 degree. I was being facetious because I was frustrated at being snowbound – again. It was meant as a mildly cranky joke as I watched my world go white once more.

I understand that almost everyone who reads these little brain blots of mine comprehends and recognises when I am just being a sarcastic twit. I believe there were even a few comments and emails sent that prove I'm not the only one wandering around with a smartypants nature - let's do lunch one day. I have a feeling the conversation will be insane, but fun for all. Just ask Oonagh over in the corner what happens when we get rolling together. But for the three in the back who spent far too much time patting themselves on the back for setting me straight...

Do yourself a favor and pull your heads out of your respective asses. Thanks.

Tomorrow? Gardening at last.

*So help me, Oonagh, if you think I'm speaking about you, I"ll spank you! And to all of you trying to read this little type, go to her site (it's listed on the side) AND her ebay site. Buy much, buy often.


oonagh said...

heeheehee........awww, love you too hon!!

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by!
(and I'm really tired of the snow too!)

Mark said...

I know you were being sarcastic, I was being funny :)

Anonymous said...

you know when looking out the class room window to a white out and wondering if i can make the 35 min drive home after track practice at a whit out really sucks!!! i hate winter!!!!

amcz said...

You need to put in more exclamation points. That's how sarcasm is identified.

I couldn't decide if you where being sarcastic or not when I posted my anonymous comment...

Jenna said...

I'm sorry.

Exclamation points do not denote sarcasm is ANY version of English.

Sarcasm is a delicate tightrope that requires effort on the part of the writer and intelligence on the part of the reader.

Too many exclamtion points simply, to quote the great Pratchett, indicate a mind that is likely to be wearing their underpants on their head.

And no... the above isn't sarcasm.