Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Moment of Nerdliness

Today I'm going to step away from the green line for an evening, and instead post on a recent nerdly outbreak here at the nest. (Main reason? All I've done today is laundry and tote firewood AFTER a day driving down to my parents to pick up aforementioned 850 pounds of firewood. Which I loaded alone. Myself. Frankly, the nerdly brain is not running at high speed at the moment... although the nerdly back and shoulders definitely are yelling loudly. Little green going's on here at the moment.)

As I mentioned last week, the Prime Geek and myself celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend. Did we spend our time gazing adoringly into each other's eye over a candlelit dinner while a strolling violinist serenaded us with Italian love songs? Perhaps a moonlit walk through fog strewn streets clutching each others hands as we re-pledged our devotion to each other? Maybe a rose petal covered hotel bed following a steamy passionate shared bath in scented oils?

Nahhh. We went to see the spoof “Meet the Spartans” at a local theater after a quick dinner at a local Italian bar and grill. (We're not exactly a Harlequin romance novel kind of couple, folks. We did indulge in a bit of hand holding that had the teenagers rolling their eyes at the “old folks” and
I will confess that a year hasn't seem to cool the Prime Geeks affinity for walking with his hand firmly cupping my nerdly tuckus. Romantic? Maybe not... but I don't see us parting ways in the next hundred years* or so, so I think we're figuring this marriage thing out pretty well!)

The food... was sub par, which was a bit disappointing. We had hopes that this restaurant would become our local hangout, but they are switching from fresh made and locally sourced to flash frozen and commercially made. Bummer, but it just means we get the fun of exploring our area for another place to while away a few evenings a month.

The movie? I'll confess... I went mainly for a chance to see Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo prancing around in a loincloth again. (What?!? If PG can cop to a Carmen Electra fixation, I can admit to my affinity for large oiled men in Roman gear. I'm married... not dead.) Was the movie a tour de force? Nope. Well written? Ehhh.

Funny enough to make me snort popcorn? Darned straight! It would appear that various theater's got slightly different cuts, so we missed the scene we had been shown in the previews regarding Rambo's “little friend”... but it was still worth the price of admission. In an effort to not spoil the whole shebang (cause I really recommended giving this one a look see. It's not high drama, its not in the least classy, but it IS an entertaining way to spend a few hours provided you're in the over 18 crowd. Expect loads of sex jokes, more then a bit of homosexual fueled humor – but hey. We ARE talking about the Spartans here. Known far and wide as warriors and fans of the male form.) I will just give a few highlights in an effort to get a few of you off the couch and into the theater.

- The aforementioned Sorbo spends the majority of the movie either skipping, holding hands with his fellow soldiers, or breaking into song. Worth every penny, even if it DID kill my Hercules fantasies cold.

- Really... we all have icons in mind who we would love to see get tossed into the pit of doom. Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the Idol team going over the edge had me cheering.

- Expect to clutch your chest in sympathetic pain when Xerxes first hits the screen. I'll admit the staple gun was a bit much, but I still sniggered like a 13-year old.

- If you have been forced into watching Happy Feet (or any of the dozens of overly cutesy animal based films in the last few years) by the youngsters in your life? Expect their comeuppance to finally occur.

- Paris Hilton = Hunchbacked traitor. Priceless.

- Finally... a finale worthy of Priscilla “Queen of the Desert”. While watching Lord Elron prance around in high heels in the Australian outback while singing “Mama Mia” was a life changing event... watching the entire cast break out into a musical rendition of “I will Survive” nearly did this nerd in.

They ripped a movie I truly enjoyed (300) and I still will end up buying this when the dvd comes out. Yes, it is sophomoric humor, but it did serve its purpose. A reason to cuddle with my honey while eating buttered popcorn and a chance to get out of the house during a cold spell that has had us nearly housebound.

Don't expect highbrow humor... but you will get a decent amount of giggles for your ticket.

* We have a simple agreement in our marriage. We don't even SAY the D-word in relationship to our lives. One of us may leave in a body bag, but we're in this for the long haul. But... I did leave one caveat in our marriage. After 100 years we're allowed to reassess and determine if we want to see other people.

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