Friday, April 11, 2008

One Small Step

Over the months I have been writing this blog, I think a few things about myself have probably become rather clear to all of you. I'm a person proud of my nerdy tendencies, I have a solid marriage with an equally twisted partner, and there are no doubt a few of you with solid ideas of the size of my Xena collection – just DVD's, thank you. I lost the action figures in the last move. In addition, I'm a big believer in the one small step philosophy of life. (My little meltdown the other day even alluded to my tendency and tenacity in viewing all things possible as long as you can keep moving.)

This code of conduct is even what started me on the path to writing this blog. I wanted to try and keep moving, making small steps each day towards a “greener” life. I know perfectly well that my grabbing a water bottle on my way out the door instead of buying a soda while out and about won't miraculously solve the trash problems in the country. In the same vein, my carrying canvas bags to the grocery won't cause an overnight reversal of the millions of plastic bags littering the sides of roads. One veggie meal a week won't cure animal abuses OR fix the hole in the ozone. I can't change everything... I can only make little changes in myself, and maybe convince (or nag, hey whichever works!) a few others to give it a shot as well. We didn't get to this place in the world overnight, we won't solve it that way either. So on I plod, hopefully making my trials, trails, and tribulations at least a tad amusing for you folks out there.

Somehow, in the stress of dealing with family hardships these last few months... I got a tad bit lost. I've spent a LOT of time hesitating with one foot held in the air completely at sea at where to set it down again. I think I started, well, thinking a bit too much and it threw a spanner in the works for awhile. Time to stop over analyzing and just start doing again. One foot in front of the other, I'll figure out the direction when I get there.

To that end? I can't do anything to help a little girl hours away fighting for her life. Can't really do much for her parents either. Right now, what has to happen there is happening without me... and while it sucks, its just the way it is. But, I can do one small step for other little kids. I've got a large stash of yarn and time on my hands... so time to take a small step. The picture below are the 2 ¾ preemie hats I've gotten finished for a Save the Children Drive today, and by the end of the next week I aim to have filled those two pegboards with at least a dozen. Can I save Gracie? No... and I can't save every child in need on the planet. But I can help a dozen get at least a bit better of a chance then they might have had without me. It isn't much, it's just one small step.

One nerd who's moving forward again.

Have a good night guys.

If anyone out there would like to contribute hats to the Save the Children organization, check out their VERY well put together site at . They even have a great downloaded able tutorial for newbie knitters. Wanna take one small step with me today?


oonagh said...

all you can ever do is keep moving forward....cause otherwise stagnation happens, and that just smells funny!!

the hat thing rox hon....

and on a really silly note, just to make you smile,

happy belated bobmas!!!

ThePrimeGeek said...


You two scare me.

kale for sale said...

My Mom has been knitting scarves for kids for years and this year she graduated to hats. People give her yarn and she knits. The hats go to Sophia House in Oakland, CA. It's a preschool for kids whose parents are transitioning out of homelessness. I believe her scarves and hats help. As yours will too. They're beautiful.