Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Irritation Continuation

I'm semi-covered in dirt so my posting today will be brief (although tomorrow should be far more fun - I have thriving plant life! Pictures later.) but as I received a few private emails as well as a few comments regarding yesterdays temper tantrum I thought I should maybe address the concerns.

Nope, not pulling it down, don't care if it comes to the person in questions attention. If I had an issue about that, well. I would have simply written the blog, gotten over my seething, and simply erased it like all the previous ones.

Yup. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence who reads more then one or two "green" blogs will figure out the writer rather quickly - heck... my initial irritation ended with a comment posted on her blog regarding a decision to not actually research more then a moment before she posted. I'm not trying to start a war - I like to think I'm smarter then that. I'm also not so egotistical that I believe she's "picking on me" by her casual swipe of a premise she had first ridiculed. Do I think I really show up on the radar of a English citizen as someone to persecute? Nope. I think what drew my ire more at the time, was the common sense thought "If she's done it to me... I can't be the only one."

There is a sentiment that folks with a common goal should never publicly disagree, else we damage the group as a whole. To me that is nothing but hogwash. If I think someone, something, some idea is wrong or off... I'll call the person on it. Feel free to do the same thing to me, and who knows. Back it up with real information - not foot stamping "But its not NICE!" whines please - and I'm a bright enough lass to sometimes even look at a situation and say "Whoa. I'm wrong. Interesting concept. Nifty, I got a new view."* But to instead fall back on "not a real journalist" and sticking their fingers in their ears... or the one that REALLY bugged me - patronizing comments in my own work explaining I don't have the vast education you do to understand I'm being led by the nose....

Well. I tend a tad bit tetchy. Not enough to drag out the chainmail top and accept the standing invitation from Wodin to pick up a new side career... but tetchy none the less.

So thanks for the concern, I'm not too worried about fallout. If something DOES come about - shrug - I'll handle it. I have this little rule about material I write. Some of it might make me blush later, some things I may groan before admitting its mine... but I've never - never - written anything I won't stand next to with a certain degree of "Yes, its mine. What?"

Why haven't I pushed it onto her own site? I won't start a war of words, its her site, she can say whatever she dang well pleases.

Off to plant more spinach.

* Yup, I've even said just that sentance alloud in the middle of an argument. Nothing quite takes the wind out of the sails of an indignant argument as a fast capitulation and agreement. Mean... but fun!

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