Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Have No Recollection Of Those Events, Senator

The day started out much like any other weekend – a purring cat sat curled contentedly atop the Prime Geek's head dozing in the sunshine, the raucous alarm on his phone waking me with a sudden lurch while leaving him snoring wrapped in his fuzzy blue blanket. Knowing we had to motivate with extreme prejudice this morning, I had set the alarm on its loudest shriek hoping it would cause HIM to be up first for our appointments of the day. Yet again this hope failed, but we did manage at last to straggle out of bed and, like a herd of stampeding tortoises we were off.

First our goal of passports was achieved, then a nice slow drive to a local health food to pick up the weeks fresh fruits and veggies. We stopped to see his father who was taking his weekend to work at the Boy Scout camp nearby – then followed that up with a duteous trip out with his mother for lunch and her weekly ramble through Best Buy to see if any new movies she might desire would be lurking on the shelf.

And there... well. There is where it all went a bit off the rails. I've been trying this month to keep from buying anything that wasn't a major life requirement – having joined the Crunchy Chicken's buy-nothing in April challenge. I'd been doing well... up until this afternoon.

I'd tell you all about it, the madness that overtook my nerdly soul (and the slightly hysterical giggles of the Prime Geek were unsettling for those around us) and the depths to which we have fallen. I could write reams regarding our downfall... but instead, I will leave you tonight with a short and to the point three word precise of what will be the rest of our weekend.

Naked Drunken Wii!

(Hey, we're married and the blinds are closed. Don't judge.)


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Hehehe =)

Cheap Like Me said...

oh my. Well, if you fall off the wagon, FALL -- right? Hope it was all you dreamed and you have no injuries to show for it.

p.s. I'm a little jealous. Don't spread it around the Crunchy boards.