Monday, April 28, 2008

Keep Bothering

A real post will follow in a few hours - the rain that is sitting on the house gives me free rein to putter on the computer without a drop of guilt* - but I found a link through a great blog I read daily and wanted to make sure to pass it along to ya'll. Michael Pollen has a rather good take on why we bother trying to be "green" at all when there are so many others around us saying to hades with it all. Why try, why fuss, what's the point? Check it out on the New York Times page .

Each little step, each little action does add up.

I'm spending most of the afternoon digging around for some info after an interesting and entertaining conversation I had yesterday, while out for lunch with the Prime Geek. A vegetarian served us at the steakhouse.... and a wonderful exchange was born.

Later folks.

*The rain, the 30 degree temperature drop, and a back completly thrown outta wack.

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kale for sale said...

Thanks for the link and passing this article on. I loved your Earth Day post to get outside and off the computer. That was brilliant and has given me more than one pause for thought.