Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earthday – Now, Go Away

Rather abrupt, I'll concede, but to the point as well. I've been wrestling with what I, as an aspiring environmental blogger, should post today.

Shopping lists of “eco-friendly” items to overhaul your life? Not really my style.

Ranting hysterics to force you to join the green wagon? Nah... you folks are reading this, I figure you might have a small idea things need some work.

Resolutions and reminders to overhaul your life? Nope. Everyone has to figure out their line in the sand themselves.

So instead, I'll go a little sideways. (You can't be really shocked at that choice!)

Do yourself, your family, your neighborhood, and the earth a favor today. Turn off the computer, switch off the lights, slip on some comfy shoes, grab a water bottle – reusable please – and go outside. No epic plans to be laid, no oaths sworn to “be better, do more, and this time... I mean it!”

Today, don't think about saving the world. Just go outside and enjoy it. Listen to the birds, enjoy the sunshine (or whatever the planet is tossing your way), maybe putter about for a bit.

Tomorrow there will be plans, lists, ideas. But today? Use Earthday to get back in touch with the world around you.

You need at least one “to-do” point on your list today? Fine... but only one.

Your responsibility today is this. Once you have your shoes on, find – a kite, a frisbee, a fishing pole, SOMETHING – and go make the acquaintance of this place we all call home.

Hard to get people passionate about saving something they only know the tiniest bit about.

Go on. Scoot.


Anthony said...

Good idea. Although, I think I'll skip the Frisbee and do some gardening instead. I promise that when I'm done, I'll lie in my hammock. :)

Jenna said...

Fair enough! I can hardly force folks to goof off after spending my own morning playing in the dirt planning what is going where in the next few weeks.

Course, the rest of the day contains fresh lemonade, a good book, and a nook in the tree in my backyard.

Overeducated Twit said...

Now that's Earth Day advice I can follow :). And if I just so happen to get yard work done in the process, cool.

Green Bean said...

True, true. I admit that, whenever I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I try to take a step outside, bask in the sun or savor the rain, listen for birds, smell some flowers. Nice post.

P.Price said...

Just found this on adoptic...so am late to reading your Earth Day wisdom.

But very, very well said. Kudos!