Monday, March 10, 2008


Thank You.

As I got an update last night from my mother, I decided to let all of you who left such kind messages know what is going on with the little one.

As of right now, several machines at Duke University are breathing and pumping her blood... but she is still alive, which is more then I thought I would get to write today. The doctors seem to be 50/50 split on her diagnosis with the options being : a severe congenital heart defect OR something called Turner's syndrome. (I see a lot of internet research going on in my family future.) Either way, right now the plan is to wait until Friday to get her a bit stronger, then to perform the first of what will be dozens of surgeries.

This first surgery has a good survival rate, about 95%, but the three weeks after are rough ones. Infections as well as a myriad of other disasters will have to be constantly guarded against.
But... this little girl comes from a very long line of determined and bull-headed women, here's hoping she takes after her momma and the rest of her family.

I'll be spending a good part of the rest of the day searching for restaurants near Duke U that sell online gift certificates. I have a feeling hospital food is gonna get old real quick for her momma and daddy. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers... please keep this little fighter in mind over the coming weeks.

Sheesh. I never thought I would PRAY for a kid to be as much as a terror as her momma and I were. Please let her gramma's curse of “May you have one just like you!” hold strong over this little girl.

The nest is still pretty thickly buried, although the Prime Geek and I did manage to get the Jeep dug out yesterday. A total of about 18 inches had us staying close to the home fires this weekend. But spring is coming and life keeps moving. How do I know?


oonagh said...

nothing is ever quite so dismal as the middle of a snowstorm........because then is the hardest to remember that the world was once and will be again green........

keep your chin up girl, but not too high, you'll get a crick in your neck!!

luv's keeping the hoping going.......

Chile said...

Just caught up with the bad news. I sure hope the next 3 weeks go well for her. Bless you for finding gift certificates for her folks.

Stay warm and dry in all your snow!