Saturday, March 29, 2008


Good Side?

Lovely day, bright and sunny. A nice day out with the hubby as we took a leisurely ride in the sunshine. After a few months of wondering, we located a new meat market that sells locally raised (theirs) and dressed (on-site) beef – pork – and chicken. This means, once the freezer is cleared out we'll be switching over to their store for our protein purchases. We also found five more farmers markets/ U-pick farms which will be opening in the upcoming months. Toss in a trip to the fabric store for material for a few new dresses for the cruise in June... a pretty darn good time.

Not so good?

Breaking our fast-food embargo... only to be rear-ended by a snowplow driver who tried to claim our fault (changed his tune when the police got there, but still). Jeep is still drivable – rear passenger light is smashed to hell and back, as well as the panel needing replaced... but thankfully the driver's plowing company will be paying for everything. Irritating... but it could be worse.


Getting distracted while waiting for the police to arrive, at just the wrong moment. How wrong? Ever had a car door click shut ON your finger? Its not the actual slam that hurts... its the moment you know that no matter how much you want to, you daren't pull or things are gonna get much worse and the realization you now have to open the door and release all that pent up blood.

Not so fun?

Waiting two hours on an ER gurney to see if you managed to break your own finger.

A bit better?

Not.* And darvocet. Mustn't forget the darvocet.


Can't knit for three days, can barely type, and a certain fuzziness in the brain pan from the above mentioned darvocet.

Not so bad?

Also... can't wash dishes, clean litter boxes, or do the trash for three days.

Just... one of those days.

*Just a mashup, a vivid Technicolor bruise, a partially ripped tendon on the last joint and some wrenched and strained muscles in the rest of the arm.


Addiopolis said...

OH man, that sucks. Except for the good stuff.Ewww. I fractured my fingertip with a very old, heavy wooden sliding door several years ago. (I'll try to save the gorey details) I can sympathize a little bit. Oh man. Stitches? here's hoping to a speedy recovery, speedy car repair and the speeding along to sunny breezes and farmers' markets.

oonagh said... least you have an excuse when the lace project kicks your butt again....

sorry to hear about everything.....

feel better soon!!

MagHag said...

Arnica, take some arnica - it really helps. It's available at Mustard Seed. Possibly at Seven Grains in Tallmadge (call first?). If you don't get it before then, I'll try to bring mine Wed., but if you can get some sooner, do.

Did you see my email yet? Check your yahoo mail...


Chile said...

Ow! Yeah, I know how it feels. I slammed a wood file cabinet drawer shut with my finger in the way. The bone was bruised for months and there's still a slight lump there. Probably should've gone to the ER...

Hope you heal up quick and get in some gooood meditation with the Darvocet. ;-)