Friday, March 7, 2008

Plans Change

The funeral done... the plan was to post about the gardening plans already taking tenuous shape on the card table in my office.

However, plans not being something I am routinely capable of keeping to a strict timetable, I find myself contemplating a bit of a short term detour. What led to this?

Not much... unless you call the 8+ inches of chilly white stuff piling up around my door frame a significant event. It's not like its a blizzard or anythi....

Crap. Would you look at that? The little man on the tv has updated us to a blizzard. Huh.

It would seem that Ohio is bound and determined to stick to its unofficial state motto “If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.” and has decided to turn its back on all the calendars shouting spring is nigh... and bury us in the white stuff instead. Why I live in a state thats weather system needs a good aerosol delivered dose of Prozac each day often confuses this nerd.*

The first warning blast issued on the radio found me sliding into my usual bad weather routine. A brief hour later and the nest was warm, snug, and secured against any weather a pissy momma nature might throw at us. A hot cup of cocoa steaming on the table next to me, slippers thawing feet made frigid during my treks to the woodpile, I began to relax and snoop around on the web – happy the Geek would be home soon, and grateful we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The crackle of the wood fire and the soft snorting purrs of warm and happy cats the only sound to compete with the gentle pattering of snow upon the window sills. Peace and quiet... ahhhhh. It must have lasted all of.....

30 seconds. Maybe a minute, but not much more. Then -

“HOOOOONNNKKKK!!!” “Crack!” “Slam” and hollered curses filled my street. Yup. Once again, the weather came as a shock and affront to those around us. You could feel the outraged horror, “Snow? In Ohio? In March? Its not fair!” Cars slid like ping pong balls across our unplowed street. People looking out their window and seeing solid sheets of white decided that Now... NOW is the perfect time to venture out into town and acquire groceries. NOW is the time to buy salt for the driveway. Of course... NOW we should go get a snow shovel.


Okay... I'm going to go with the assumption those that read this site are of normal if not above normal intelligence. Assumptions are usually bad ideas, but work with me. So, could one of you smart folks kindly tell this nerd why, when living in a state with known weather “issues”, do people not do a tiny bit of prep work to brace themselves for what the elements might throw at them?

When the road is auditioning for a gig as a hockey rink - that is not the time to go for milk. When snow is blowing so hard you can't tell if the car is on the road or the neighbor's front yard – its not a good moment to find out you're out of toilet paper.

Work with me people.

*Ah yes. The Prime Geek's job. That would be why. Drat... I'd request offers for warm climate companies seeking their own Prime Geek, but who else but his current employers would send us on a honeymoon?


Chile said...

Can't help you with figuring out why the average person has zero foresight. We see the same thing here in the desert come summer. It's not surprising to see tourists head out on a trail, mid-day, without water. But then we see the locals doing it, too. Um, hello? It's 105 degrees out, the sun is baking down, and you're heading up a steep trail. Don't ya think a tiny bottle of water might be advisable?!

The only thing explanation we can come up with, Jenna, is "People are stupid."

Lea said...

I can't help you either, I'm afraid. I live on the wet side of Oregon in the greater Portland area. People in Portland cannot drive in the rain. In the misty Willamette valley, that's a problem. Of course, when the sun comes out for real, most folks here dive for cover, so it's all kinds of a vicious circle. Good luck with that!