Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sometimes... People Just get it Right

I'll confess, I was on the verge of writing up some fire and brimstone condemnation on the state of the universe today. Between a budding cold, a looming doctors appointment, and some miserably frosty weather, your Natural Nerd was feeling a tad bad about the universe in general. Nothing like a sinus headache to make you cranky with the world around you. To add to the misery, yesterday I received my FOURTH copy of an oh so precious/pretentious/and preposterous “green” catalog (which, while it might be made from recycled paper, is coated in a nasty slick ink that means it can not be burned OR composted. Joy.) which had me frustrated. I'm all for a chance to earn an honest buck.. heck, I put on my own merchants hat whenever I can, so I understand the need for commerce. But this thing is....

Well. I'll write about that another day. As I said, the fruit of human kindness wasn't really flowing in my heart, and I had more then a slight feeling of doom and gloom regarding our species and its wasteful wasteful ways... but then an article online caught my eye.

Most of us have heard on the nightly news about the horrid drought going on in the South (compounded by fires and complications caused by Katrina) of the States. Towns nearly deserted as the water dries up, people hoping/praying/dancing for a few million drops of rain to wash the dust from throats and homes. Wastefulness, overcrowding, over polluting, and global warming have all taken their turns in the media as the root cause for the drought. Screams, groans, and tantrums take place each night in the news as one person blames another for the drought... and yet another demands those around them fix the problem. City councils who say other states “owe” them help, mayors and governors all desperately trying to save their political asses by laying blame or proffering promise all seem to dominate in the news.

It has to be someone else's fault, right? It's not the peoples responsibility to fix it, someone else is going to take responsibility... right?

For the most part, that does seem to be the view. But not everywhere. Seems one little country in Georgia took a look at the tendency for the South to be, well, hot and dry, and planned ahead. Back in the 80's they looked at possible future problems and made a course of action. Stuck to it to... which in these days of “it's not MY fault” whining, seems pretty amazing. Check out Clayton County in Georgia... and be a little more hopeful about where we seem to be as a species.

Planned, organized, and working toward the future.

Who 'da thunk it? Maybe we won't die out after all.

I know, not my normal style of post. See first statement regarding bad weather, headache, and the like. Normal nerdieness tomorrow. Til then, I'm heading back to bed.

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