Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hope It Was A Very Merry Christmas For All

Here at the nest we had a very busy Christmas, driving hither and yon to various family homes in the effort to insure each side of the Natural Nerd family got even Christmas time with the Geek and I. Presents were exchanged, fires were cuddled by, far FAR too much food was eaten, and a readiness for the new year is building.

To this Nerd's shock, her family has decided to stretch a few toes onto the Green Streets and see how they can fare. A fact that not only encourages the Geek and I, but also makes us realize we had better up our game or risk getting left in the green wake. I will NOT allow my city boy big brother to show me up in the gardening arena. I'd never live it down if the lad who was once chased three miles by a herd of cows manages to make me look bad. Nothing like the fear of ridicule and shame to motivate one.

To that end, Natural Nerds will be experiencing its own overhaul in the coming year. Both the Prime Geek and I are full of new ideas for the nest (both literal and virtual) that we can't wait to share. I will be instituting a few new weekly segments and hubby dear has even begun to murmur about wanting to write a bit more about his experiments energy savings and things that go BANG in the night. The new sections will be introduced on New Year's Day – yup, I'm bowing to crowd mentality and planning my New Year's Resolutions. So far, I've managed each year to achieve almost all of the previous years plans. I figure having them up for all to see and critique will keep me on my toes.

The next few days will find us airing the Nest, few serious matters will be covered until the first (although I have a serious crow about my town to brag about tomorrow)... so come on by and help yourself to some hot cocoa. Since the woodburner was installed, hot water is always at hand and ready to share. Now that the gift giving portion of the season is over, I'll be sharing a few of our greener attempts at sharing... along with a few embarrassing moments to amuse those who know us. It wouldn't be the holidays without someone getting red in the face.... might as well be me!

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