Thursday, September 13, 2007


Oh, my.... a little over a thousand readers stopping by in one day. And I forgot to bake this week! To all of you readers who wandered over from Lawdog's site, thanks for visiting, and here's hoping there is something here to keep you coming back. While I can't guarantee being attacked on a daily basis, life does have a tendency of tossing me curve balls.

A few people have wondered about the cane I was carrying, a gift from the Prime Geek for a touchy ankle. He bought several canes a few months ago from the Coldsteel people, and we both can't recommend them highly enough.

I carry the City Stick with a polished head, perfect for helping out a bum leg AND bashing those who might make threats upon my maidenly virtue. (Did I just hear my husband snicker over that?) The Prime Geek uses their African Walking stick, as it is a few inches shorter and the head is more of an impact weapon then mine. (You could safely assume I prefer finesse and he prefers bashing.) If you are looking for a good, solid, and comfortable walking stick, wander over to and see what you can see.

I'll be honest. Guns make me nervous. Not other people carrying, I grew up in a military and law enforcement family. If you are trained, have fun. No.... my problem is with ME carrying. In short? I'm a klutz. Not a good combo. So in a day and age where things are getting a tad crazy, I do believe I will be carrying a cane in the car with me from here on out. Guns can get refused entry, knives take time to get to (and lets face it, if you have to use a knife to protect yourself, you are getting WAAAAAYYYY to close to a bad guy for me to be comfy.) but people will rarely look a second time at a cane. As the Lord of the Rings proved, its just considered, well, tacky to take away someones prop. Use preconceived notions against people! I don't think we are at a point in our world where we have to be paranoid 24/7 about the "somebodies" who might be out to get us. But a touch of situational awareness and a bit of forethought is always a good idea.

There. Tomorrow, back to the nerdieness.


Lady Rose Raven said...

Jenna, I just discovered your blog a few days ago and finished reading it from the beginning. I know, who actually ever does that? Anyway, I applaud your efforts on lessening your impact on the earth. It will be interesting to see how you do.

Jenna said...

As I can't find an email for you, I'll answer your comment here.

Thanks so much, I've been thrilled about the huge influx of visitors due to Lawdog's link posting, but to know that someone came around and read everything I am trying means even more to me. ( A little embarrassing too, I'm used to editing written material for other writers, and I find my editing skills not as great when working on my OWN writing. So when I go back over after a week, I tend to groan and see what I forgot/switched/or just plain lost the thread!)

Here's hoping I can keep you coming back for more!

Mark said...

Lady Rose, I do that, I will read a new bloggers blog from begining to end and I find it fascinating. Try Law Dogs, Ambulance Driver, Babs RN, Matt G, Oleg Volk, Tamera and many many others. I find that a persons blog, give you a unique insight into how they view issues and some are just plain hilarious. Jenna, so far I love your blog, and I've added you to my Blogroll.