Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Loose the Skirts of War?

As we all know, today is 9/11. The Prime Geek and I aren't making any real changes in our life today. Thinking back on the past… but trying to focus on the future. Toss in the fact my niece turns 5 today… and its hard to keep myself morbid in the face of a tiny blond wearing a pink tutu.

But. (With me, you always know there's gonna be a but!) I DID decide to top off the gas tank while I was out this morning. We were hovering by the halfway point and I really don't ever like to let it go farther down. Toss in the fact I passed a gas station with prices $0.20 less per gallon then anywhere else, it seemed foolish to pass it by.

I got out of the jeep, and as I started to fill my tank I heard the man on the other side of the pump begin to cuss. Looking up at him, he noticed I had heard and raised his voice. "Yeah, you. You f*&%$# hippy. How dare you show your f#*%^ Anti-American a*& on a day like this! Stupid B&*^!" Normally, I wouldn't engage in a game of wits with someone so woefully underarmed... but I was a bit flabbergasted. I even looked around to see if there was someone behind me casually burning a flag that I had somehow missed seeing. He saw me looking around and actually began to step around the gas tank to come at me. More cursing at this point. Several people from various cars noticed and I saw one man begin to... well, Da's a retired Marine and the Prime Geek has worked in firearms training, I know what an unobtrusive unholstering looks like.

To paint the picture a little clearer... or at least explain my confusion... this ranting gentleman was pointing at my skirt and cursing about my anti-American self. I was (and still am in fact) wearing a black t-shirt on top with a long, almost floor length skirt made from a pair of blue jeans split and gored with hot pink brocade. It has butterflies on it. Last time I checked, I saw no obvious signs of Pro-Al Qaeda images. It's just tiny little butterflies. Not a single turban in sight. But somehow... in this gentlemen's mind, the fact I can sew, and was wearing what could be described as a slightly hippy styled skirt... I was the devil's Queen B.

Now, normally I try to shrug things off. At my height, people assume I must be gay; I try and recycle... so I'm a treehugger. My da's retired military - I must be a warmonger. For the most part, I ignore it. This was a tad bit harder... I lost a friend in 9/11, and more than a few people I care about have worked in very sandy places. But... I usually try and walk away. However... this time? He decided to push it and actually came around the and attemped to shove me against my car.

Did I mention I am using a cane this week because of my ankle? Sadly for the bully, da and several friends made sure their gal knows how to fight. He got a cane to the instep and then a fast pull UP towards the inevitable halt. A small halt, but a halt. Dropped his ignorant butt onto the ground and watched the gentlemen who had been coming towards me grin. Turns out he was an off-duty cop and wanted to know if I was wanting to press charges. Just this once, I am NOT playing good little citizen. I told him "not this time, because if I stay around this nit I might accidentally whack him over the head with my stick. Possibly repeatedly". With that he let me get into my car and leave. Sheesh, some people are dim. At the moment I'm torn between getting rid of the skirt, and wearing it everyday to spite some ignorant knuckle dragging twerps who wander around.

Oh well, what's over is over. I still like the skirt though.

The point? We’re still fighting a war. Americans and our allies are bleeding and dieing to try and set things right. No… I’m not gonna go political here, but there is a point. Remember what happened. Never forget. But don’t let that memory poison you to a stupidity and blindness that forces life to pass you by. Honor all those who have come before by LIVING. Do all that you can to protect those you love, but don’t let the rage of the past make you into the very thing you hate.

Extremists are always the frightening ones. No matter what side of the line you stand on.


LawDog said...

You handled what could have become a very bad situation properly and with vigour.

Very well done.

missmanytoes said...

Very nicely done, indeed. Bra-VO!

Bryan said...

Cheers to you! Disgusting that a boy would speak like that in front of a lady much less attempt an assault.

Flintlock Tom said...

Bravo, for keeping your cool and not letting boorish behavior go unanswered.
From my POV it appears that a police officer witnessed an assault. I wouldn't think he would need you to "press charges" for him to haul the perp in. However, since the LawDog didn't mention it, I could be mistaken.

Brandon said...

I applaud your exceptional handling of the situation, and I'll toss my oar in on the side of keeping the skirt and wearing it regularly!

It's depressing that there are folks out there, like that man, who don't even realize that their mentality mirrors that of those who murdered so many people six years ago.

Mother of Chaos said...

Nicely done!

Jamie said...

You're my new hero! And I agree with whoever it was that said you need to keep the skirt. It sounds really cute!

James said...

Good job!

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

You showed remarkable restraint.
Far more than he deserved.
Boorish behavior should be a hanging offense.

Well done!

A Soldier's Girl said...

Um...Can you post a link on how you made the skirt? I found you through LawDog, and not only do I admire your handling of said boor, but your skirt sounds absolutely delightful.

Gabby said...

Very well done indeed. Reading this post made my day brighter!

Keep the skirt--after all, you like it!

Anonymous said...

You opened with a whack to the instep? As in the bottom of his foot? Why?

Not being critical- it obviously worked as intended- but I'm unclear on the concept.

Is it just me or are random crazies getting thicker on the ground all the time?

Jenna said...

To Anon... no, not the bottom of the foot, the inside curve. Hence the straight shot up to a crunched groin.

Mark said...

Came here through LD and The Marching camp, and I would like to say Brava, and my daughter would like to see what the skirt looks like if you could post a pic of it please.

Kai said...

Wear the skirt proudly! It was his problem, not yours. Good job of giving him "what for".