Monday, September 10, 2007


I find myself staring at the computer screen this afternoon in some small confusion and perturbation. You see, I… a fully functioning and capable adult, find myself grounded. Yup. Grounded. Took me bargaining away my small portion of freedom left to me to be allowed to write this posting at all. A two hour enforced nap will be occurring shortly after this blog.

I hate naps. I hate being made to sit still. Anyone who knows me even peripherally knows that I can’t sit still for periods longer than 45 minutes. Movies have passed me by over the last year as sitting that long doing nothing makes me crazy. So the fact my well-meaning but aggravating spouse has dictated on high that today I cannot-

Write – hence the sad bargaining for blog privileges,
Or in general get any USE out of the whole day. Naps, baths, mindless tv, and more naps are all I’m allowed.

Why? Well, first take a fubar’d ankle. Toss in the probability of it being a hyper-extended ligament (thankfully not a break, we hope/think), add in a good mix of less sleep than even normal for me… I might have been found at 4 in the morning in my parents basement knitting on Saturday. To this brew steep in a few prescription pain meds (yes…. Given properly, thank you) that only AFTER ingesting does the possible side effects of shakes, double vision, cramping, and… my personal favorite the tendency of the meds to make you forget to breathe come up. That was fun. Have you any idea how creepy it is to realize that the reason the room is swimming around you and your vision is fading is the simple fact you haven’t drawn a breath in the last minute? And that you have to consciously… during a time consciousness is not really available… draw that breath? Rather quickly? Not fun. Also, only after much searching, ones spouse finally finds in small print on a hidden website “not recommended for anyone who has ever experienced an allergic reaction to any painkillers.” From Tylenol to Oxy, if you’ve had a bad reaction… don’t swallow one. Especially don’t swallow 3 in the four hours recommended… without food, and exhausted.

Gee. That would have been nice to know those four hours previous.

So, after worrying the Prime Geek far more than is good for him, he has taken the route of grounding me. Can’t do jack today, have to rest tomorrow, and he is now danged and determined that I have to…

1) Get in shape
2) Take care of myself properly (or run the risk of HIM taking on the job)
3) See several doctors to deal with an abundance of “issues”
4) And learn how to shut off my brain and relax. Something might have been muttered along the lines of “You’ll d*&% well get Zen if it kills us both."

Grounded. At 27. Crap. Natural Nerds will be up to its usual foray into the wild world of Natural Living tomorrow.

(Huh. He only THINKS he won this one. He hasn’t found the 6 articles I worked on over the week in my notebook. Try and tell ME I’m grounded.)

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