Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year.... A Tad Bit Late

Welcome to 2008. Please wipe your feet before straying too far into the new year, as its far too early to muck it up already. Now, a few of you sent me some email showing concern over the lack of posting for the last two days... the thoughts seeming to be that the Prime Geek and myself must have really tied one on at the stroke of midnight to delay postings two days.
Sad to say, but I do believe we are getting old. No wild parties boogieing down the moments to the New Year, no excessive drinking, no orgies. (Drat.) A glass of champagne each, a kiss... and asleep by 12:45. Yup, we rocked the New Year in with Dick Clark1, four anxious cats – our city, like many, set of fireworks. Now... our cats need Xanax. What's a nerd to do? - a roaring fire, and each other. Not too exciting, I'll confess. But last New Year's was an stomach churning, last minute prepping, wedding planning monster – so calm and cuddles was a nice step up.
No, the delay can be laid at the feet of bathroom reconstruction (we have ONE flushie. So when it is out of commission we are given the options of : gas stations, neighbors, parents 2 miles away, the tree in the back yard – ALL the Prime Geek – or our camp toilet placed in the office.), wood management, and the Prime Geek being STILL sick.2
However – the bathroom is in working order3 (photos to come Saturday), wood has been obtained and stacked, and the Prime Geek is at work (therefore not my problem at the moment.). The delay has allowed me to work a bit more on my resolutions and plans, and we should be back up and running free now.
I'm excited. How Nerdy is that? I understand that the celebration of the New Year on January 1st is actually pretty arbitrary. A day on a calendar shouldn't mean a total upheaval. But.... allow me my fun. I think some of the plans are gonna cause others to embrace their nerdly side.
The big reveal in the morning. I have to go stoke the fire... its all of 8° here.
1On one hand, God bless the man. On the other? It was more then a tad bit painful to watch the “eternal teenager” struggle so. Sorta the skeleton at the feast type of thing.
2Torn between concern, annoyance at refusals to go to the doctor, and dashed hopes of.... married activity. Ahhh, the joys of marriage no one mentions before you exchange vows.
3Not finished, there is still a back corner to tile. But the toilet flushes, there is a working sink, and I can take a bath. Happiness is a flushing toilet and a hot soak.

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