Sunday, January 27, 2008

Laugh or Cry...

A shortie this evening as it is the Prime Geek and I's 1st wedding anniversary, and frankly I have more exciting things to do this evening then talk to ya'll. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.... in other words folks, this nerd is getting laid!) But I did have a slightly surreal moment or two this day that I decided to share while I'm waiting for the fudge to heat up...

Now, I am in the midst of a knitting fervor here at the nest. I found a wonderful net bag pattern that is working out quite well for grocery bags. In fact, once I use up the cotton thread that is making up two of the bags, I'm gonna give slicing the ubiquitous plastic tribbles a try and knit myself a few out of the resulting plastic yarn ( if you are interested, skip the hemp suggestion and just pick up the cheapie cotton dishcloth yarn the megamarts sells). But... I can only knit so fast, and when I go to the grocery its usually for more then a bag or two of items. I had two groceries to jaunt into today in order to prepare our anniversary supper. Sadly... I had left my net bag AND my cloth bags at home. In order to stick to the green way, I decided to finally break down and – HORRORS – buy a few more bags to keep in the car. Almost all of the groceries in the area are selling study canvas bags for a whopping $1. (Yes, I meant one buck. Can't make the dratted things for that! Yes, you have to tote around a store logo, turning you into a walking commercial, but hey. Small price to pay.) So, into my basket went a nice sturdy bag, all ready to carry my goodies to the car.

I confess. I wasn't paying attention. Perhaps it was the thought of the night to come... maybe the cashier had caught too much of my train of thought with her questions regarding the usefulness of the dish soap I was buying. (7th generation lilac and wild mint. Brilliant combo, great soap.) All I know is in the mere seconds I took my eyes off the goods, the bagger had efficiently and quickly bagged my purchases.

Allow me to repeat that. They bagged... the bags. Not just once, either. No no. That would be too simple. Yes, this darling little high schooler had decided that what my bags REALLY needed... was to be double bagged. In case one of the bags holding the bags broke.


The truly sad thing? When I questioned the rational behind bagging my bags, BOTH the bagger AND the cashier seemed to think it was a perfectly suitable idea. Its what they have been doing with ALL the bags they sell.

I shuffled out, beaten (and not a little confused about the state of the world today). Clutching my bags to my chest, I sat in my car – wondering if this planet really has a shot in Hades.

Three hours later I ran into another store to pick up the last ingredient for my Rosemary Beef Tips... grabbing another canvas bag as I wandered the store. Might as well spread the branding, right? I kept a steely eye on my sirloin as it made its track down the belt.

“No bags for the bags, please.” I said as loud as I dared.

“Of course not. That would be stupid.” the cashier rolled her eyes at me.

I would love to say all went well from that point... but they bagged the meat. Twice. And then looked me straight in the eye and asked...

“You don't want the meat in the bag, do you? I don't want to get it dirty for when you use it.”


Giggle or scream. What's a nerd to do?

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Addiopolis said...

Perhaps laugh maniacally. I think the first one of those tyvek thingy bags I bought I used in the self-checkout line so I didn't have to worry. But it can be hard to catch them. You've got to put your bags right up there first thing cuz they're ready to go, if they've got a bagger. I've actually even had baggers come up and bag my stuff when I do the self-checkout and then disappear before I finish checking out. Happy Anniversary!!