Thursday, May 29, 2008

Please.... Let's Not Talk About Global Warming Today

Honestly, I do believe. Really. But while one half of the country is staggering under the blows of a triple digit heat wave... this nerd is still sleeping with the electric mattress pad, three blankets, and a self-heating hubby wrapped around her. A low of 31 at night is just not something I had planned to deal with in late May.

I'm feeling a tad frustrated at the moment. My tomato plants (started several months ago) are beginning to wither under the strain of being kept inside, the farmers markets have been pushed back several weeks – if not longer - due to poor planting condition, we ran out of firewood for the woodburner a month ago (we have managed to keep the gas furnace off... using small electric zone heaters when forced), and the Prime Geek has been forced to use the jeep instead of the scooter to get to work due to frost covered roads and the occasional ice slick. What worries me the most is for a brief period of time, my town and surrounding areas was beginning to take a turn for the green – but the longer we drag our feet into summer the harder the sell seems to be for more self-sufficient choices.

Eating more locally is a hard push as well. One good week of warm weather is just enough for people to put their guards down and plant – only to lose everything to a hard frost lasting weeks. I have managed to finally source most of my families meat needs locally, so thats at least something. But I'm tired of stews and hot comforting foods. I should have berries, salads, and grilled items filling out our diets – this is not the time of year to be needing heavy comfort food.

Its not all gloom and doom of course. I have managed to score one local item that fills me with glee. During a recent visit from friends (who we are helping to find their perfect wedding venue) we stumbled upon a small local winery not more then 5 miles (okay, 4.71 if you want to be exact) from our front door where I found a marriage made in heaven. I'm a sucker for a sweet red wine and, being female, equally found of chocolate. Somehow the good folks at Viking Vineyard have managed to combine to two into a single glass. Locally grown grapes, locally bottled, heck... the proprietors are local as well. One bottle of Red Kiss is resting on our wine rack.... and if it doesn't warm up soon (and STAY warmed up) I'm going to start collecting this sole local fruit by the caseload! I'm either going to get warmed by the sun, or I'll start working on it internally.


Angya Faydren said...

Im sad to hear about your tomato plant. Im also sad to hear about how cold its been. You should come to PA. It seems to be significantly warmer here.

On another note. I have started reading Soul Music. I finally finished Wyrd Sisters and am trying to keep a steady pace with my reading. After work I seem to just want to crash, which makes it difficult to do any reading though ..
Blessed Be my friend.

oonagh said...

i guess i shouldn't tell you that we've finally put in the main air conditioner.....and that it's been in the high 80's around here mostly!!

anyways, i hope it warms up hon...this isn't a very nice trick being played on you by the weather gods......

hugs.....and good luck with the gardening soon, i hope!!

Cheap Like Me said...

Hey, where've you been? I've been missing you around my site, and see you're not really here either. I hope all is well and things have warmed up -- I hear from in-laws in Indiana that they are now drowning in normal Midwestern summer humidity.