Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy To Be A Worm

Thank heavens for Green Beans! An oath I'm sure my mother dreamed she would hear her picky-eater daughter ever utter – but true nevertheless. One of the wonderful bloggers I read on a weekly, if not daily basis, is Green Bean of Green Bean Dreams. (Check out her link in the sidebar over to the right. This lady is one of a growing number of people I read who, if I'm being honest, frankly would like to grow up to be one day.) After months of eco-challenges ranging from how-low-can-you-go winter freeze offs, buy nada for a month, to the oddly stressful stress-less in March, there is finally a challenge tailor made for this nerd. What is it?

May is Be a Bookworm Month. (nifty picture up in the corner is also courtsey of Green Bean) How cool is that? Just agree to set aside some time and read a real honest to goodness, paper and ink, actual hard copy book! Well, an eco/sustainable book or two is the goal. But still. READ! A book!

I'm a nerd, my place is really nothing more then a large private library these days, how more perfect could a challenge be?

Frankly, I'm thrilled. A way to salve my guilty conscious about the long soaks I take with a book propped on a soapy knee at last. In the attempt to green-up my home, my life, get a garden going, get a career (of sorts) moving – reading has taken a back seat in my life for a bit. Now? It's an honest to goodness item to check off on my ever growing daily to-do lists. (And with a back still giving me fits and a case of the twitchies driving me batty as I try to hobble about my chores, the knowledge that reading really IS a required element of my day gives me at least a small sense of accomplishment.)

So, to start May out with a bang (and to continue in my overachiever attitude) I have two books awaiting me upstairs, propped against the side of slowly filling bathtub. The first is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver – the second is Simple Prosperity by David Wann.

After this posts, I'm heading upstairs with my laptop left down in the living room (turned off, of course) so I'll have no interruptions in my evening ablutions.

Have a good night, and do yourself a favor – find yourself a good book, someplace soft, and something to curl up around with.



Anonymous said...

I'm right there with 'ya on the bookworm trail, though your choice of material is more practical than mine. No-one ever ate better after reading a mystery novel, though I highly recommend Laurie King for a great entertainment read. Perhaps during dinner?

Do we get to hear about the possible writing job? Maybe I can read you someday? Well, in print, I mean (duh, I'm already reading your stuff, just not on paper). Any news yet? Dish!


oonagh said...

yeah, like either one of us needs an excuse to read!!! maybe an impetus to read a non-fiction book.......

have fun with that hon!!

chiya said...

Ooh somebody taller than me and also a nerd. Nice to meet you :)