Thursday, May 22, 2008

Insert Groan Here

There is an actual post that is struggling to be written coherently and hopefully with a touch of humor which should be up in a few hours.... but I just received a call and I thought it might be a good idea to pass it on.

Apparently a friend who's husband runs a gas station got the word that they could raise prices as high as $4.30 in the next day or so. ( its a large chain, so I'm thinking this is a universal) so if you're needing gas for your Memorial Day plans... now might be the time to move your tuckus.

I'm not saying stock up, we're all in this mess together and I don't see it getting easier for a while especially if folks are hording (not to mention great walloping cans of gas in your garage are not the safest things to have on hand) but if you have a long haul and needed to fill up anyway... might be time to motor.

Sheesh. Its gone up $0.20 this week already... now another $0.35.

Glad the bike just needs new headlights and then it can roll.

Off to fill up for the weekend. I have family coming into town and masses of dirt and plants to move.

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Angya Faydren said...

I hope everything goes well sweetie. I also hope that your company is as good natured at you are. Aodi is scratching my back so I better cut my what was going to be a long comment short.. If i find time ill send you the rest..

Blessed Be