Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful Problems

Yup. You read the title right. I'm stuck in the middle of a half a dozen or so quandaries, and I feel pretty lucky to have each of them. What, don't believe me? Think I'm merely attempting a Pollyanna attitude? Ahh... yea of little faith. Observe -

Mountains of fall produce sit around me in various states of preservation. Piles of apples, mounds of pumpkins, acres of food waiting to be used and put away for the needs of the winter and spring. Should I make apple cake; rich and just a touch crisp, juicy to the point of dripping? Or should pumpkin bread be first up in the oven; hearty and healthy with its load of spices and whole wheat, with just a touch of sin lurking in the middle with its white stripe of cream cheese?

Cold weather at last means REAL food for a change. No more feeling like I should use up the piles of greens which seemed to follow me home all summer in yet another endless salad. No... time at last for hearty beef stews, made all the thicker for a generous helping of Honey Brown beer poured in at a critical moment. Chilies, chowders, and casseroles now can rejoin our weekly menus. Back to REAL food... just what to prepare first?

Birthday money finally all spent... but what to work on first? Tackle the mountain of fabric it garnered? Make the flannel pj's first.... or do I want my blue cammo fleece skirt to be first cut out? Maybe I should get my new scarf finished.... the time to wrap up is coming fast. Do I make the new curtains for our bedroom? Or should I go play with the sari silk I picked up at an unbelievable steal? Silk or wool, fashion or function.... what to do, what to do.

After a month of highly unfall like weather (I'm sorry, as someone who lives firmly in the Northern Ohio Snowbelt... I should NOT be contemplating using our air conditioner in October!) the temperature finally dipped last night, along with a lovely steady rainfall and a deep rich fog. Yes, honestly, I AM happy about that. Blame a youth spent reading British authors like Sayers, Christie, and Marsh. I might have been born in the States, but my soul belongs on some fog covered heath. I love cool, crisp, foggy autumn. So... as I snuggled into my recently beflanneled bedding, I faced a serious decision. Close the window and use just the one blanket.... or leave it open and pull out the comforter.

Choices, choices, choices.

While I dither and decide, the Prime Geek has decided to try HIS hand at this blogging 'thang. So tomorrow (AND Wednesday; like myself, he has a tendency to ramble a tad....) a special treat. A change of pace from the natterings of a Natural Nerd to the gabblings of a Greening (against his will at times) Geek.

Hold on tight!

To the few that care, it's pumpkin bread, beef stew, new skirt AFTER the scarf is finished and a nice cold breeze with a heavier blanket. There. I CAN be decisive. Sometimes. I think. If I have to. Maybe.


kethry said...

mmmm i like that kinda problem too.. i think its called being spoilt for choice.. LOL. I also love autumn - i've been taking autumn pics for the blog for the last month or so if you wanted to look. no foggy moors (since i live in the middle of a city) but lots of leaf colour changing.

Lady Rose Raven said...

I'm so looking forward to real fall. Cooler weather, crisp leaves to walk in, this is my favorite time of year.

As someone that lives in Central Ohio, I understand the irony of having to run an AC in October.I keep thinking I'm living in some alternate universe here.

Jenna said...

They are pretty spiffy problems to have.

(Might I inquire Lady Rose Raven, which area of C. Ohio you reside in? I've lived the state up and down from Akron, Sugarcreek, to Cambridge... and I'm always curious about my fellow Ohioians.)

And Kethy? Lovely pics... and boy... do you know how to make a lass weary! Prepping for Christmas already? You are one of the most energetic people I've come across in a while. It all looks great!

Pagan Blacksmith said...

Well, never let it be said you don't have anything to do.

However, I would appreciate some of your recipes. Being that I live single and eat as a bachelor (out, mostly) I need to execute a few changes, and crockpot meals or slow all day simmers while I sleep in the next room would be appreciated. The cold weather is coming into Oklahoma and my forge sits cold and empty as I perform my sedentary duties that pay the bills.

But I do miss the garden and the fall colors of Claremont County, Ohio. I miss the blanching prior to freezing, the boiling of pressure cookers to seal the mason and ball jars, and the turning of the compost pile.

It is odd, how the things I hated and despised as a kid, I long for, now, as an adult...hmmm...sounds like a blog entry needs to be made on this subject.


goth said...

D is going to Blog, this I gotta see Where exectly is he going to be doing this?