Friday, October 12, 2007

Belated Blogging

No good excuses for falling off the green trail this week, just another birthday come and gone to lay the blame on. I have spent my week with visits from family (thanks for heading up Mom) to a wonderful few days with the hubby just horsing around. I highly recommend having your spouse take a short vacation over your birthday as it gives you a darn good reason to sleep in past noon at least once without it being a weekend! I'm not sure how I feel about being 28 yet... inside seems more or less the same as 18, but my knees HAVE noticed the passing years. But at least I can comfort myself in the knowledge that however old I become, the Prime Geek will be older.

A good birthday all in all. I'm resolutely ignoring the hovering 30 that seems to have gotten a tad closer with the passing of a year. A new laptop, credit cards completely paid off, more knitting items then I should admit to, and a "spend $200 on what you want" offer on the boards from a wonderful Geek. But presents aside, there are some larger reasons why this birthday was such a good one.

First year as a Married Nerd... and while I don't base my value on my relationship to a man, this particular relationship has given me more stability, confidence, and joy than I imagined possible. First year in my own home... no more apartments, no more wandering, no more wondering where I'll be staying in a month, a week, a day. The address may change over the years, but knowing I'll be waking up next to PG has given me a stability I never dreamed I would achieve.

Looking back over the year, I find some real changes in myself. Still frenetic (although finally trying to learn how to sit still for at least a moment once in a while) still the same scattered Magpie personality.... but a lot more confident in my choices AND in my changes. I'm not sure where this is all heading, but for a change I'm positive that no matter where this path leads, this is one gypsy lass that is going to be facing the future with a grin and a wonderful partner at her side.

And..... just IMAGINE all the trouble I can now cause with HELP!

We return to the Nerdly grind in the morning where we will attempt to discover if it really IS a savings to be had in sharing a shower..... or if a nice long bath is the more environmentally friendly (if not NEARLY as much fun) route.


Mark said...

the bane of my existence is the hovering 4-0 just 7 more months and it will no longer be hovering. :(

A Soldier's Girl said...

Happy birthday! My 30s have been absolutely awesome, so don't fear the big 3-0. It only gets better from here.

(Well, okay except for the knees. I'd like to have my 18 y.o. knees back, please.)