Monday, October 15, 2007

A Little Something Different

Today on Naturally Nerds, I'm going to go in a slightly different route. Today is Blog Action Day. An attempt by those fighting the green fight to try and see how many voices can be raised in one voice towards one goal. Across the nation (and the globe, I really feel like I should be writing this with a Coke Classic in one hand and a high pitched children's chorus singing backup in the next room) thousands of blog writers are switching from usually scheduled programming to talk about the state of the environment, what you/they can do to make a difference, some protests, some quiet contemplation.

Me? As in most aspects of my life, I seem to be slightly outside of the herd on this one. But that's fine, less risk of being trampled in the crush – granted it also means I don't have the protective cover OF the herd... and I run the chance of the herd being headed my way if I make too big of a wave, but all in all, its how I prefer to stand. So, today I'm not gonna rant about the inevitable doom and gloom of the planet. Not going to rally a good chant to Momma Earth (can't stand the scent of patchouli anyway, and have never been a big fan of fringed vests), and I'm not going to scold or sermonize.

I'm going to make one small observation, and one small idea. The rest? Well, if you are reading this blog you either are here because you already think some changes need to be made - so there is no need to tell you things can look a little grim... or you're here strictly for the random (hopefully entertaining and sometimes humorous) interjections of a subculture Valkyrie who may one day be forced to post a picture of herself got up in chainmail undies to get better ratings. In which case ranting and raving will only make you roll your eyes and look for your nerdly fix elsewhere.

So here we go. Ready? My premise for fixing the world, the deficit, the political system, global policies AND the size of my rear – Moderation in all things, including moderation.

I know. Earth shattering. All the worlds ills knocked down into one fortune cookie sound bite. Nifty, huh?

Hear me out. We didn't get into our collective mess overnight. There was no shotgun blast of pollution that rang out at midnight and turned our perfect Eden into a smog filled Hades. Didn't get here all at once, not going to fix it tomorrow. Get rid of your car, become a vegan, join a monastery where you live on soy tea and mung beans and live a life of duty tending cows and abandoned pigs, wear only a paper loincloth, and refuse to take longer than a 1 minute ice shower in the creek once a week to get clean......

And we're still in trouble. For each hermit living in the woods on nuts and berries there are a thousand people just trying to make it to Friday so they head to the basketball game and grab a beer.

Running around screaming the sky is falling isn't going to work. You either overwhelm all those around you into a catatonic fit Рending in a Sex, Drugs, and Petroleum waste fueled Ragnar̦k as everyone decides to party before they burn.... or you get tuned out as a hysteric. We've seen this for years. You cannot change every person completely overnight, and frankly I don't think we should try. Every day brings us closer to new advances, new understandings. What is the cure-all today might be the cause of the disease tomorrow.

So. Moderation. Don't give up the T-bone on your birthday... but take the time to shop around and find a butcher who sells local meat, humanly raised. If reading the paper while you drink your coffee is the only way you can start your mornings... toss a box by the trash to bundle the paper afterwards (and look around for a fairly sold coffee.) Drive to work? Fine, but how about slipping on a pair of tennis shoes when you want to head out and grab your lunch instead of grabbing the keys. Better for the air, cheaper on your wallet, and hey.... that walk everyday means you don't have to always pass up that chocolate milkshake on the way back to the office! Don't beat yourself up when you forget your water bottle at home and grab a soda instead. Learn to LIKE your veggies, and maybe try your hand at a hanging basket of tomatoes on your stoop. Make the small steps, each and every day... and I think in time you will find you have done quite a bit to help us fix the planet. Every tiny adjustments makes a difference, every little step helps to reshape your world.

Learn the baby steps. Yeah, you likely won't win a Nobel Prize for slowly working moderation into your life, but you will learn how to live a little lighter on this big green planet. Moderation in all things, including moderation.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a squash to pop in the oven for dinner and while the oven is on already I think I might just make a batch of cookies! After all, I have to try and practice what I preach.


Pagan Blacksmith said...

Hello, Nerdlette!

I have a suggestion on a moderate move to repair a small part of our planet.


Just think of the number of trees saved by NOT printing those checks! All those trees help to scrub the air of the planet, their root systems help prevent errosion, their leaves replenish the nutrients to the soil, their fruit feeds many creatures and people.

Now, imagine doing this BEFORE all those babyboomers hit retirement age and start emptying Social Security. All those checks not printed. All those laser printers not heating up would show a HUGE decrease in fossil and nuclear fuels as electric consumption would be considerably lower, each month.


And now for MY contribution to moderate change to save the planet...I will shut up, now. After all Al Gore may hunt me down for all the hot air I am spewing.

P. Blacksmith

Anonymous said...

"subculture Valkyrie who may one day be forced to post a picture of herself got up in chainmail undies to get better ratings. "

Pretty please!

Pant, pant, drool.

RAZ (AKA Sexist Pig)