Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pet Owners... Help?

Not what I had planned posting tonight – that will go up tomorrow afternoon – but I'm running outta ideas here and am hoping some smart reader can help this worried nerd.

We have four furry children. Now, I'm nowhere near as nutty as my mother-in-law (one day, I'll let the world in on some of her endearing but surreal behavior regarding the fuzzier denizens of the world) about cats... but I am pretty fond of the furballs. We've been really blessed regarding their health. Other than the normal wear and tear: the occasional hairball, upset tummies (and the resulting ick) from snarfing their food too fast, and the recovery time from their little reproductive snips – they're the healthiest things in the house.

But now... Bunny* has the Prime Geek and I worried sick. Our littlest furball has somehow managed to dry out the pads of her feet to the point they are cracked, peeling, and bleeding – causing her to limp around when she has to move, and lay like a rug the rest of the day. I've taken her to the vet and run up against a sad truth – our amazing vet (sick and out of the office for the next three months) has been replaced by an idiot. Once he determined nothing was broken, I was told :

“Well, she must have gotten into one of your cleaning products....”
I only use natural stuff. I can drink what I use – nasty tasting, but harmless.
“Then it must be your carpets got her paws irriated....”
Wooden floors.
“Well, sometimes it happens and if you want to try and fix it, I'd suggest trying.”
Ummmmmm.... yeah. Love to – he gave no help though. That was literally all this moron said – if you want to try and fix it, I'd suggest trying to. Wow. That's just... wow.

I'm dosing her little pads with vitamin E and olive oil, I've got the humidifier cranked to “London Fog”, and have been ratcheting up the cuddles to high. We know it's not a burn - so the wood burner is out as a culprit. Litterboxes - cleaned daily and its the same old stuff. I'm outta thoughts here.

Any other ideas on how to get our meekest baby better quick? I gotta tell you, her little squeeks when I “operate” on her toes is starting to make my stomach knot.

Help this Kitty Momma?

*She has a “real” respectable name – Artemis. But due to her timid nature, her fear of daylight, and her tiny fangs... she quickly became our Bunnicula.


Stacey said...

I'm not a cat owner, but I found this thread online:

And another thread suggested a omega-3 deficiency in the diet or something.

Stacey said...

Or how about a second opinion from another vet?

Anonymous said...

What popped into my mind as I read this is that healthy skin needs Vitamin A and E and other fat-soluble nutrients.

Perhaps you could give Bunny a bit of oily fish several times a day? I think she'd like some tuna in oil, or a sardine. I also found a web site that recommends avocado, but that may be less appealing to her.

And I definitely agree with trying another vet. Good luck!


mrsb said...

Do the cats go outside? Has it snowed there? Perhaps it is from salt?

I skimmed a few online articles, and here are a few suggested treatments for cracked paws:

Put a bit of neosporin on and then wrap the paws in guaze.

Added omega 3's (this was from a vet).

There's a product from the Natural Pet Store that might help:

I also read that petroleum jelly does the trick.

Hope your kitty feels better soon!