Monday, July 28, 2008

Mind the Tumbleweeds...

And... we're back. Again.

Mostly. More or less. Alright, how about – I'm really working on it?

Sheesh, take a month or so off and the world thinks you've up and died*. This last month or so has found the Prime Geek and myself wandering around in a bit of a daze as we stumble around trying to gather our sadly scattered wits. We've been dealing with family “issues”, oddly driven ant-like behavior, and a mountain of projects to tackle.

To sum up for friends and family alike who wander through here in an attempt to keep up with hubby and I, the family issues in brief are:

Baby Grace – still alive, but clearly enjoying her ability to turn family members into nervous wrecks. I swear, this child has had more “She's Better!” followed by “Crap, what do you mean she isn't breathing?” moments then a year of soap opera hijinx. If/when she reaches 18, I swear I'll be joining a long list of family who will be sending her our bills for either the years of costly therapy caused by nervous tics... or our bar tabs caused by the same.

Prime Geeks mother – well. Let us just say that in a few months once things are resolved we may very well be having a sit down regarding her tendency to avoid doctors for too long and how I'm perfectly capable of drop kicking her 4'9 tuckus into a car and forcing the issue next go-round. Not going to go into details, but if your doctor has told you to get a colonoscopy and you've ducked it? Get off your rear and go. Seriously. Now. I'll wait.

School – both the PG and myself are headed back. Him to finish his Bachelor's, me to grab another Associate's (I seem to collect them like stamps and beanie babies.)

As for making like an ant and our projects? While it may be the middle of summer, for reasons known only to our hindbrains we've been scurrying around trying to nail down ever loose thread for the upcoming winter. I'm not sure if its the weird economy, the sad fact that hotter summers seem to lead to colder winters, or just a hardwired need to nest, but our to-do lists keep growing and the feeling of needing to get things ready is pretty pressing.

Luckily, the very projects and twitchy behavior are forcing us even farther into our green dreams. Now that I'm back, I'll be letting ya'll in on our successes AND our failures. (Frankly, I expect the latter will be rather more often then I'd like... but at least its usually entertaining.)

Tomorrow a few picture of our latest foray into local living... and how I now know exactly how many bodies I can stuff into my freezer.


*I've actually come to the conclusion I'm immortal. Between a dicky heart and a serious case of the klutzes, I've shuffled off the mortal coil a few dozen plus times – only to be rather rudely shoved back into a world I can apparently take taxes as my only certainty. Men with Scottish accents make me a tad nervous.**
** Sometimes, my level of nerdiness can scare even me.

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andi said...

Hey Jenna,
Glad to see you've surfaced again! Miss you on Wednesdays - when you gonna come play?