Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nerdly Natterings

The turkey coma has finally begun to recede – helped no doubt by the simple fact that we went out to family for Thanksgiving and managed to hie tail it out without many leftovers being tossed in the Jeep. Let's hear it for the newlywed shuffle, managing to combine two full Thanksgiving meals within a mere 4 hour window. One delicious turkey dinner with my family, and a hour in the car down to the Prime Geeks we did it all over again.

A serious yearning for flannel pajamas by this point is a rather obvious desire... but one I reveled in for four days. Today is the first time my (distressingly tighter) jeans have graced this nerd's body since the meal-a-thon began. Which... in a wandering way, brings me to the newest initiative in Casa De' Nerd.

With a heavy heart – and a MUCH lighter wallet – we have willingly signed over our bodies for the next year to the local rec center. I wanted to avoid the desperate push to improve every aspect of my life that seems to hit us all as the ball drops in Time Square, so rather then join the throng at the gym in the New Year... we're gonna shuffle our respective booties there now.

Now, please don't think that this means the Natural Nerd is going to dissolve into a diet site. There will be NO yammering on about how many “reps” we did last night, nor will there be any hostile threats toward either carbs, fats, or transfat. There will be no counting – of the calorie OR carb variety. I'm a good Irish lass, and I will NOT give up a tuber my family immigrated for. I'm also a confirmed carnivore. Steaks WILL be eaten, anyone attempting to substitute a soy burger for that steak had better be sure they can run faster then I can. (And remember, as a tool using creature, I see no trouble in using the Jeep to do my running for me.)

No, instead... I'm trying something new. An experiment, if you will. From here on out, this Natural Nerd is going to indulge in the diet of moderation. Moderation in all things... including moderation. (There. That leaves enough wiggle room for the odd moment of chocolate induced insanity.)

My goal is not to be a size 2, or look like I could be shaking my “thang” on the latest MTV award show. (Granted... the size requirement seems to have gotten a LOT looser these days for that particular honor.*) Instead, a balanced hope for a stonger body, a bit heathier might be nice as well, and maybe toss in the hope of fitting into my clothes a tad bit better. Nothing extreme. Let's be honest here. At 6'1 (ish) with the bone structure of a quarterback, I'm never going to be tiny. I'm just shooting for healthy. How does this all tie into a site devoted to trying to live a naturally nerdy life? Fair enough question. My answer runs along these lines...

A healthy body is cheaper to operate. Stronger body = fewer doctors visits. As the rising cost of health care has many of us contemplating a jaunt back to the days of a leather thong gritted between your teeth and a rousing bout of home surgery, it makes sense to try and spend a bit more time on the upkeep of the old model to avoid having to buy parts for the new. (We have discussed my skinflint habits numerous times.) With a stronger body, I can maneuver myself around my environment cheaply and greenly. - IE Bike or walk my happy tuckus through my daily errands. Joining the rec center gets me involved in my community, therefore prospering all. Group activities ranging from sport teams (well. I'll cheer. Anyone who has watched me walk into a door jamb... TWICE in ten minutes knows better then to think I'd be going out for a team sport. But I'll help carry the gatorade.) to several local outreach crews. It might be nice to get to know my neighbors for a change.**

See. All valid and even mildly green reasons for having some overly perky blond chirp “And one, and two” at me for hours a week. Oh god.........

If I EVER am heard uttering the phrase “Feel the burn” in a manner NOT rife with sarcasm.... kill me. Please?

*I swore to myself it would never happen, but it did. Against all reason, a Britney Spears crack has wormed its way into my site. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

** All good and noble reasons. Okay. There might also be in the back of my head a slightly unnerdly like desire for just ONE year of being the hot wife before the Prime Geeks and I, as he put it only a few weeks into our courtship, spawn. And maybe a hidden desire for a pair of leather pants a fellow merchant is peddling. But those are only a teeny tiny reason. The others are the big ones... really. Honest.

Don't judge me.


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